Albert Heidke a “seriously” dangerous child sex offender has been released in QLD.

Albert Heidke, a “seriously” dangerous child sex offender has been released in QLD.

Our system thinks “banning” him from children will keep them safe.

Funny story, he was “banned” from abusing children, the law states clearly that no one is allowed to abuse children.

And yet we find ourselves here….Heidke committed 41 offences of abuse against young boys, all offences he was not legally allowed to commit.

So what makes our system think that he will now turn around and listen to the rules, abide by the bans ?

A 77-year-old sex offender who is a serious danger to the community will be released from jail in Queensland. Albert Ronald Heidke is banned from public parks and shopping centres, and from having any contact with children under the age of 16, without permission.

Heidke pleaded guilty in a Rockhampton court in 2010 to 41 offences against four boys committed over more than 35 years from 1973. Of those offences, 31 involved three brothers, starting from when the boys were aged nine or 10.

Heidke’s friendship with the boys’ families had provided him with the opportunity to offend, said Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Martin Burns.

He said Heidke used “quite sophisticated grooming behaviour” and, on some occasions, “considerable force to restrain the boys”.

Heidke served a head sentence of 11 years’ jail and was refused parole twice for posing “an unacceptable risk of further offending”.

Heidke was first convicted in a Beenleigh court in 1973 for fondling two seven-year-old boys in his care while their parents went to a party.

A psychiatrist, Dr Harden, said in a report last month that Heidke had distorted beliefs, a lack of insight, entrenched sexual deviance that he had acted on and met the criteria for a paedophilia diagnosis.

So why on earth would they let this monster out ?

Heidke was released last week, but will be under supervision intended to mitigate the risk to the community, following an order previously made.

If that “mitigation” fails will the families of the children he harms be able to sue those who made this order ?

He is banned from going to public parks, shopping centres and anywhere that has a children’s play area, without permission from corrective services. He also cannot have any contact with children under the age of 16.

He will be under supervision for 10 years.

How will any of this keep our kids safe from this predator? He was always banned from abusing children, it’s against the law and still he committed these crimes. By the court’s own experts he has distorted beliefs, a total lack of insight and an entrenched sexual deviance. Yet they think these bans will stop him from abusing children ?

Surely, when the court goes against it’s own experts and releases a dangerous sex offender then someone MUST be held accountable !

Only when releasing these monsters directly affects those who make the decisions, will we see substantial change !

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Wuhan denying virus tests to keep numbers down’

Despite claims made by mainland authorities that there have been no new local infections of the coronavirus in Wuhan in the last few days, people there have told RTHK this is simply not the case.

They say patients are being turned away from hospitals without testing to back the official data, which one person described as a “not medical, but political treatment”.

The city which was the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak – which has now become a worldwide pandemic – is returning to normal, according to officials there.

Wuhan authorities have already closed the 10 or so temporary hospitals that were set up after regular ones came inundated with patients. The temporary facilities were doing tests on people showing mild symptoms.

Officials say these tests are not needed as the number of new infections has fallen sharply.

But a Wuhan resident, who gave his surname as Wan, disputed this claim. He said that his 70-year-old mother suffered from pneumonia once again after she was discharged from hospital and is now in isolation at a hotel.

He said no hospitals were prepared to admit her because she wasn’t tested positive.

He said there is nothing much he can do because he can’t leave his home as a lockdown is still in force, and local health authorities only told him to wait. 

“I feel helpless,” he said.

Other Wuhan residents reported similar experiences.

A member of a volunteer group said his mother, who is in hospital with a heart problem, had seen coronavirus patients being turned away by staff.

Zhang Yi said it is a political need that is making mainland authorities claim there have been no new local infections.

He said he had received messages from officials which showed there were still people coming down with the disease in Wuhan.

“Whether the official figure is accurate or not, I think you will know. This is a political treatment, not medical treatment,” he said.

Tens of thousands of people in Wuhan have been infected by the virus since the outbreak began late last year. Official figures show more than 2,500 patients in the city have died from the disease.

A man whose mother died of Covid-19 criticised the government for failing to warn people about the epidemic and for even claiming there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission up until mid January.

Ding Ding said the government is responsible for his mother’s death and he plans to file a lawsuit for compensation.

“Basically our family is the victim, we will ask for compensation,” he said.

An NGO has also formed a legal team to assist coronavirus patients or their families to file civil claims against the government.




Bernie Sanders on Twitter: “Unless Republican Senators drop their objections to the coronavirus legislation, I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund.” / Twitter

Bernie Sanders on Twitter: “Unless Republican Senators drop their objections to the coronavirus legislation, I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund.” / Twitter
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American stimulus package

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