Coronavirus: Why North Korea could be a ‘long-term incubator’


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Coronavirus death toll in Australia coult hit 50,000, government predicts

Coronavirus death toll in Australia coult hit 50,000, government predicts , more details :

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WHO sets the record straight on common coronavirus misconception – Yahoo News

WHO sets the record straight on common coronavirus misconception – Yahoo News

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Heinous ~ Child Rape

A so called “mother” has been found guilty of restraining her crying 9 year old daughter while “men” raped her.

Sometimes she made her wear a ‘Playboy’ type outfit. What kind of monster could do that to a restrained, crying, 9 year old.

The 41-year-old, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was found guilty of five charges in Southport District Court on the Gold Coast last Wednesday.

The now 15-year-old amazingly brave girl told the court that she was repeatedly woken with men on top of her when she was wearing bunny ears and a black lace dress ‘Playboy’ costume.

Her mother’s ruling was delayed after she was put into a psychiatric hospital around two weeks ago, and she had no support from family or friends in the court room.

If she did have supporters I would be more sick than I already am.

Judge David Kent found her guilty of three counts of rape, and one count each of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, deprivation of liberty and indecent treatment of a child.

It’s so wrong,’ the woman screamed in the court room, as reported by The Courier Mail. ‘This didn’t even happen.’

The brave young girl was molested by her mum’s ‘friends’ at her home every other day over a one-year period between May 2014 and May 2015. She was nine-years-old when the abuse started and was molested by a different man every time.

All of the horrendous abuse only came to light when the girl wrote a note saying her mum used to ‘come in with friends and touch me improperly’, to her psychologist, who reported it to the police.

She later told authorities her mum would ‘undress her and be naughty’ and gave her a drink that made her feel drowsy. She said on one occasion her mother held her hands while she was being abused and asked the men for money after their attack.

Police have found no evidence that the mother was taking money for the attacks and no men have been charged with abuse.

The girl’s father had been in custody at the time of the abuse. He previously told the court that his daughter’s mental health was suffering and she was on suicide watch in a Brisbane hospital.

‘I have to put up with a child who has tried to kill herself three times,’ he said.

‘If you think this is some kind of con job, I’m the one paying the joke. If I made some story up then the joke is on me.’

Ongoing mental illness is a reality for many survivors of child abuse, depression, anxiety and PTSD are all too common reminders of what we suffered. For survivors it is an incredibly uphill battle but one we can recover from, with the right help.

As always, if anyone knows this young girl please let her know we would love to help her in anyway we could, our Phoenix program has had incredible success and we would love to get her involved.

The ‘mother’ is facing life in prison and will be sentenced later this year, we at FACAA hope the sentence fits the crime.

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Australian researchers discover how body’s immune system fights coronavirus COVID-19 – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Scientists have been scrambling to figure out how the body’s immune system tackles coronavirus. In just four weeks, researchers at Melbourne’s Peter Doherty Institute have an answer.
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