How do you live your life? With a clear conscience or with dark secrets?

Am I Alone In This?

Sometimes when I look around, I wonder if I am alone, not because no one is there but because I see the world differently then most.

No, that doesn’t make me special, just unique, and it doesn’t mean I see it the right way. I find myself wondering, though, if others see it how I do or if I am the only one.

I can see so much beauty when I look, the colours of nature surrounded by the warm souls of the animals. I watch as our earth fights back against our abuse and slowly destroys us. I see darkness surround us in our attitudes and daily routines. Do you?

Bullies are overrunning the world, doing as they please and hurting so many in the process. Kids are afraid to go to school, even on the internet, there are so many bullies.

How do we get away from them and still live our lives?

I see love, but I also see hatred, which will win?

How do you live your life? With a clear conscience or with dark secrets?

I take a deep breath and wonder what good I can do or if it is too late to make a difference. What could I do to change things?

What would you do if you could make a difference?

What can you do now?

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God in the Moments

Each day brings so much that is expected and unexpected. We may have a plan, a schedule, a to-do list, but on most normal days (at least for me), …

God in the Moments

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed he has coronavirus.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed he has coronavirus.

Key points:

  • Peter Dutton confirms he was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday afternoon
  • He will remain in hospital where he will be treated for the virus
  • Mr Dutton was in Sydney for a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, before returning to Queensland

The Federal Government frontbencher said he felt fine but woke up with a temperature and sore throat.

“I immediately contacted the Queensland Department of Health and was subsequently tested for COVID-19,” Mr Dutton said in a statement.

“I was advised by Queensland Health this afternoon that the test had returned positive.

“It is the policy of Queensland Health that anyone who tests positive is to be admitted into hospital and I have complied with their advice.

“I feel fine and will provide an update in due course.”Coronavirus update: Follow all the latest news in our daily wrap

Mr Dutton was in Sydney for a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday and returned to Brisbane on a commercial flight on the same day.

When someone contracts COVID-19, health officials alert people who have been in contact with them.

They are then expected to self-isolate at home and monitor their health for 14 days after the contact with the infected person.

The ABC has contacted Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office to see if he, and the Cabinet, will have to isolate themselves.

Earlier on Friday, Mr Morrison met with state and territory leaders to assess Australia’s response to the spread of coronavirus.

Mr Dutton missed his usual Friday morning appearance on commercial TV, at the time being described as having a “stomach bug”.

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Teen’s miraculous recovery after surviving NZ volcano eruption that killed 21 – Yahoo News

Teen’s miraculous recovery after surviving NZ volcano eruption that killed 21 – Yahoo News

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Wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tests positive for coronavirus – Yahoo News

Wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tests positive for coronavirus – Yahoo News

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Rowan Baxter

Rowan Baxter set A woman and 3 innocent kids on fire, He is NOT a victim !

Hannah , and Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey ARE Victims, may they rest in peace.

:::::::::::::::Trigger Warning ::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::Trigger Warning ::::::::::::::::::

Recently Vanessa Marsh from the Courier Mail was allowed access to Brisbane’s DV court to sit in on a bunch of cases. Sadly two of them confirmed what FACAA have heard and seen many times on the internet lately.

Sadly some people are lording Rowan Baxter, as some sort of victim, some sort of hero, some sort of a martyr.

Yes, the scumbag, pathetic coward who set an innocent woman and children on fire, and then fended off people who bravely tried to rescue them.

Now we did say we would never name Baxter or show a photo of him, but when we saw idiots on the internet calling him a hero, and now heard about 2 men facing domestic violence court referencing Baxter, calling this monster a ‘victim’, or saying that they are “being pushed” into doing what “Rowan Baxter did” then the time has come to name him and drop some serious truth and facts on this case.

::::::::TRIGGER WARNING:::::::::

FACT – Baxter is NO hero, he is NO martyr, he is NO victim. He is a pathetic coward who set fire to 3 innocent children who were restrained in their car seats at the time.

He set fire to Hannah Clarke while she screamed, hearing the tortured screams of her children. THESE ARE NOT THE ACTIONS OF A HERO, A MARTYR, OR A VICTIM, THEY ARE THE ACTIONS OF A PATHETIC COWARD.

FACT- No one can be “driven” to murder their children.
Good lord, why is this so difficult to understand.
I don’t care if my wife ran off with my children, my business and my bank account to Mexico and took my boxing coach and half my wrestling squad with her. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHE EVER DID COULD MAKE ME SET MY CHILD ON FIRE.


If you are having thoughts that involve being “pushed” or “driven” to setting fire to, or to kill your family, then you really need to seek mental help and fast.
And please remove yourself from their lives asap, until you are safe to be around them.

FACT- No one who has any love for their children could ever set them on FIRE or murder them in any manner.

I actually had a conversation with one of these idiots who was trying to convince me that it was a sign of love that Baxter would rather his children dead, than to be separated from them.

I told him that was the words of a narcissist not someone who loved their children, and if he truly believed that then he didn’t deserve to be blessed with children and was a danger to any he may have.

FACT – Perpetrators of domestic violence ARE NOT THE VICTIMS, if you believe this you really need to look up the meaning of the word perpetrator. Here I’ve done it for you – notice it says someone who “committed” the crime. Not someone who’s feelings were hurt because a partner no longer wanted to be with them.

These facts should all be self-evident for anyone who knows what love actually is. Love is not possession, love is not “if I can’t have them no one can.” That is an absolute abomination of what love actually is and please don’tt come at me with “everyone experiences emotions differently” crap, because possession is not love. If you think of your partner as a “possession” or a thing to be controlled and owned, then you do NOT love them.

This attitude of making excuses for those who have SET FIRE TO CHILDREN is the reason we have this massive problem with domestic violence and child murders. Everytime there is a child killing or a spousal slaughter we hear the same old rubbish of “Not their fault” and “driven to it” or “two sides to every story”

Two sides to every story, how does that even apply in a situation where children were set on fire ?

Seriously, what was the children’s side ? What did they contribute to the argument that led to them being set on fire ? They were being strapped into their car seats and then they were set on fire. What side is there that led to them contributing to their deaths.

NO ! There is not two sides to this story, this is the story of a dangerous, pathetic coward whose evil attitude towards family members led him to literally set them on fire so they couldn’t leave him.

Can you blame them for leaving him ?
He was violent enough to set them on fire !

To the next person thinking of referencing Baxter in a DV or Family Court case, please stop and realise exactly what you are saying….. If you ”understand” how he felt or are ”being driven” to act like Baxter… what you are saying is you are capable of the heinous crime he committed and if that is true, you deserve to lose your children.

No more excuses for Domestic Violence !

No more excuses for Baxter !

No more attitude of possessing people !


You may have brought your children into this world, but you have NO RIGHT to take them out of it !

Partners and children are not your possessions, if you love them, love them enough to NOT KILL THEM.
Love them enough to get help if you need it –

Women’s crisis line 1800 811 811
Men’s Referral Service 1300 766 491
LIFELINE 24 hour crisis line 131 114
Relationship Australia 1300 364 277
Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636
Headspace 1800 650 890

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