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‘Dead human smell’: New information emerges at William Tyrrell inquest – Yahoo News

‘Dead human smell’: New information emerges at William Tyrrell inquest – Yahoo News https://au.news.yahoo.com/new-information-emerges-inquest-william-tyrrell-disappearance-063025362.html

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Italy 🙇🙇🙇🙇

Italy announces all shops except pharmacies and food outlets will be CLOSED as coronavirus death toll climbs by 31% to 827 in 24 hours and intensive care units are advise to stop treating the elderly

  • All non-essential shops except pharmacies and food outlets will be closed in Italy as cases of coronavirus soar
  • Cases in Italy jumped in the last 24 hours by 196 to 827 as intensive care units face acute shortage of beds
  • As a result medics should stop treating elderly and focus on those with better survival chances, doctors warn
  • Comes as coronavirus cases in Italy topped 12,000 with more than 800 deaths and Europe went over 22,000
  • Denmark has announced it will close all kindergartens, schools and universities for two weeks over the virus

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Facebook curiosity again. Facebook types of jokes. No fact checking 😂😂😂rules themselves 

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Facebook shaming you again. We noted this did not BREACH FAKE NEWS. COMMUNITY STANDARDS? Germany has strange community standards. Even steal personal information and sell it. Shame Facebook

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Love And Sleeping Habits

The dream. Is this your current dating goal, or are you doing it for fun? Make sure you find someone who brings you peace, joy and happiness. Someone…

Love And Sleeping Habits

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Shame on China Eating Dogs 🐕

Chinese firm encourages people to EAT DOGS to show ‘cultural confidence’ as it boycotts drafted law that bars pet meat from the dinner plate in the wake of coronavirus outbreak

  • The claim was made by a firm specialising in making dog meat dishes in China
  • It alleged that lawmakers in Shenzhen drafted the proposal to appease the West
  • It blasted the proposal as a ‘denial to thousands of years of Chinese food culture’
  • Animal activists have urged China to forbid the consumption of dogs for years
  • The drafted law is currently under assessment by the government of Shenzhen

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