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“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”― Alan Moore


Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups – The New York Times

Mr. Prince, a contractor close to the Trump administration, contacted veteran spies for operations by Project Veritas, the conservative group known for conducting stings on news organizations and other groups.
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THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF FASCIST HORROR……behind the virus, behind trump’s cabal, his insanity and all the other incredible bs….is this guy and many more like him and the organizations they are in charge of, spreading their nationalist, capitalist facist agenda around the world. Do you realize this guy is Betsy De Vos’s BROTHER??? Read this article, it is an incredibly in depth, long and an important piece of investigative journalism, perhaps one of the most important “stories” of the world of american political and social engineering to be brought into the public eye.


Only in IRELAND ⚜️⚜️




Sterling Free, 28, was last year handed a head sentence of eight years’ jail after pleading guilty to taking the child for an immoral purpose from Kmart at North Lakes in December 2018.

Crown Prosecutor Carl Heaton QC arguing against the leniency of the sentence handed to Sterling said the parole eligibility date had been set too early and the community expected courts to order longer periods in jail for those who abuse children in such a horrific way.

He said a psychologist report showed Free had a long history of struggling with a lack of impulse control.

Heaton said this lack of self-control, a pornography addiction and a diagnosis of paedophilia caused him to act on his urges, even though he knew it was wrong and later told police that.

“It increased his vulnerability to engage in impulsive and reckless behaviour with no consideration of the consequences,” Mr Heaton said. Mr Heaton also said the psychologist report showed impulsive traits, ADHD, a lack of intimacy with his partner had contributed to Free’s offending against the child.

“… Mr Free appears to have increasingly viewed paedophile imagery or struggled with such ideation prior to the offence… before spontaneously acting on impulsive ideation,” he said.

Through the psychologists report, Free has blamed literally everything he could think of for his crimes, except himself.

How exactly does ADHD cause someone to rape children ?
It doesn’t.

Having an “addiction” to child exploitation material, should see him doing more time, not less.

And how exactly does lack of intimacy cause someone to rape a child ?
It’s not like raping a child has anything whatsoever to do with sex. Sex is about intimacy, togetherness and love. Raping a child is about destruction of innocence, control, and power over someone.

No, despite what rapists may say, not having sex with your partner DOES NOT force you to rape children.
No idea how, or why, this was even mentioned as a factor in this case other than to say that the psychologist was played !

Meanwhile, Free’s defence barrister Angus Edwards, who acted pro bono for Free (are you KIDDING me ! We know so many people who NEED a pro bono lawyer, who cant get one, and a CONVICTED child rapist and kidnapper gets one… what is wrong with this world?) , said there were “powerful mitigating circumstances” that meant his client should not serve more time behind bars.

These included having no criminal history, returning the girl to the shopping centre following the depraved incident and cooperating with police, Mr Edwards argued.

Firstly, returning the girl to the shopping centre doesn’t mean he showed remorse, it means he believed he’d get away with it. Secondly, he had no criminal history THAT WE KNOW OF.
Thirdly he chose to cooperate with the police when he knew he was done, and he wanted to get a reduced sentence, this is definitely not a reason to give him a reduced sentence.

Free is not a good person, he is a scumbag who kidnapped and raped an innocent child.

He went on to say, there were many factors that made Free a good candidate for rehabilitation, including his remorse for the offending.

“The community is best served by his rehabilitation…,” Mr Edwards told the court.

Only problem with that Mr Edwards is that CHILD RAPISTS CAN NEVER BE REHABILITATED !

So, over time he will no doubt learn how to get away with his crimes better and next time he commits a crime against a child, it will be easier. He may learn to seek out adults that look like children, but he will never be rehabilitated and will FOREVER be dangerous around children.

So why does our “legal system” allow these predators to make such pathetic excuses ? Why do we let them blame everything and everyone for them raping a child ? Why do we continue to give these cowards a voice ? A reason, a way to speak up and lay blame at their mental health, or their wives, or their computers ?

When are survivors of these crimes going to get a voice ? When are we going to hear about the mental health issues they were left with as a result of the crimes of these predators ? When are we going to hear about how they can’t get a job due to PTSD rather than how hard it is for a child molester to get a job because “everyone knows what I did.”

We need a system where justice is for the wronged, not the wrongdoers. We need a system where a voice is given to the survivors not the criminals.

The FACAA legal reform campaign ‘Julia’s Justice,’ is working on doing exactly that, one law at a time we are changing the system for the better of the kids.
Together we can do this, together we will get it done.

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Doing Good for Others Is Good for Us (Part 1 of 2) //Kindness

This is a post about the connection between doing good and the return benefits to yourself (which is only one of the reasons to teach our children to…

Ace Chat News says ……….Teach our children well with giving love first and not blaming other people including teachers and governments for the lack of care in our community as love comes from the ❤️ and mothers love begins that process as God Is Love Amen

Doing Good for Others Is Good for Us (Part 1 of 2)

Let’s combat loneliness //Kindness

With nearly 8 billion people in the world it’s crazy to think that people can feel lonely. Do you ever feel lonely if you’re home alone all day … …

Ace Chat News says ……It takes love and when l joined the care services as part of my learning l put when asked what would l give to people in my care ….I said Love as Care is Love and l would look after residents as if they were my family.

Would you believe that they said they did not understand what l meant …until people understand care comes from their ❤️ not pocket then we will still have lonely people in our community ….as it takes love not money Amen

Let’s combat loneliness

I forgive you

A letter in which I forgive all my bullies.

I forgive you

Doctor’s stark coronavirus warning about ‘big mistake’ everyone keeps making – Yahoo News

Doctor’s stark coronavirus warning about ‘big mistake’ everyone keeps making – Yahoo News


Do the crime DO THE TIME IN JAIL

Paedophile mother and stepfather given record W.A sentences of 28 years and 26 years for drugging and sexually abusing their children

::::::::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING::::::::::::::::::::::::

The paedophile couple have been given the longest jail sentences ever handed down in Western Australia for child sex crimes, after being convicted of drugging their own children and sexually abusing them, sometimes in ‘swinger’ sex sessions.

The 41-year-old mother of the children and their 47-year-old stepfather were sentenced to 28 and 26 years respectively

The couple, who can’t be named to protect the identity of their children, recorded their children being abused in a swingers sex group. SD cards with footage of their abuse were found in a short term rental property in Perth in January 2018 and handed into police by a wonderful member of the public. Recordings showed the woman’s daughter being repeatedly abused by the couple and other men.

The discovery led to the young girl disclosing to police that she and her younger brother had been subjected to repeated abuse by their parents.

She was also forced to take part in sex sessions with other adults, including two separate occasions involving women she said were named “Claire” and “Jody”.

The vile so-called mother was charged with three counts of sexually penetrating a child who was a relative, five counts of indecent dealing of a child who was a relative and four counts of encouraging a child who was a relative to engage in sexual behaviour.

The stepfather was charged with three counts of sexually penetrating a child who was a relative and one of encouraging a child who was a relative to engage in sexual behaviour.

Their children were abused for four years from when the girl was five and her brother was three-years-old. The District Court heard the girl was first abused after she had a nightmare and rushed to her mother’s bedroom in fear.

She told the court via video link that she was abused on her seventh birthday by her mother, her partner and two men after her stepfather said he ‘had a surprise for her.’ The mother was a prostitute who worked out of the family home.

These two are not parents and they must never be allowed near children ever again !

ABC reported the young girl revealed to police that her younger brother was also abused by her mother and her partner, and that they were drugged with a ‘stupefying substance’ believed to be methylamphetamine before being abused.

Ice, they gave their child ICE ! God damn I hope these people spend the rest of their lives behind bars !

Judge Bruce Goetze was scathing of the pair and rightfully so !

‘She (the daughter) was wholly corrupted into accepting this horrendous conduct as being normal. It is not. It is depraved and perverted,’ he said. The children’s mother will be eligible for parole after 26 years, and the stepfather after 24. West Australian police launched Taskforce Mirzam into the child sexual abuse in March 2018 after the SD cards with recordings were found.

Officers searched six properties they believed were linked with swinging parties in Perth. Tracy Coulter was previously arrested in relation to the child sex ring in December 2019 after pleading guilty to assaulting the girl in group sessions involving up to four adults, including her mother and stepfather.

The 58-year-old was sentenced to 21 years in jail, which was later reduced to 17 years. We’d like to thank WA’s court of appeal for that one. (sarcasm)

The stepfather also confessed he molested his two daughters from a previous relationship when they were aged between four and seven,
Victim impact statements were provided by his two biological daughters, one of whom said she felt “guilty” because, if the crimes against her had been dealt with, the man may not have gone on to commit the offences against his stepchildren.

But the judge said the victims should feel no shame nor guilt.

“They deserve our sympathy and respect for having emerged from the offending,” he said.

“They can hold their heads up high and be proud of themselves for their achievements.”

We at FACAA second that and thank you for being brave enough to speak out.

These two paedophiles can never again be called a parent, they can barely be called human. We just sincerely hope they NEVER get released after the heinous crimes they have committed against their own flesh and blood.

As always if anyone knows ány of the children at the centre of this horrendous situation, please let them know FACAA would love to help them with our Phoenix survivor’s program.
Our thoughts are with you.

And to the member of the public who found the SD card and turned it in to police, THANK YOU for getting involved and not just walking away.

If you see something, say something!

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This would stand in direct contrast to last year when both the Cambridges and the Sussexes were tapped to join Her Majesty in the procession.

However not the 2020 service, with Prince Charles greeting people with namaste prayer hands thanks to coronavirus fears and UK tabloids having lip readers on standby to catch every stiff, leaden moment as the Sussexes and William and Kate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came face-to-face in public for the first time since November.

Is it any surprise then that, given the maelstrom that has been the last few months of royal life, there was right regal drama brewing even before the first organ revved up to belt out a few hymnal bangers?

The brouhaha started when it was revealed over the weekend that while William and Kate would join the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla in the official procession to their seats, Harry and Meghan had been left out. Instead, they would be escorted to their second row spot prior to proceedings in the same way that Edward and Sophie the Earl and Countess of Wessex would be.

This would stand in direct contrast to last year when both the Cambridges and the Sussexes were tapped to join Her Majesty in the procession.


“Full-on rain” this morning was reminiscent of the day 15 people were killed in another plane crash in the area in 2005, a Cape mayor says. Five people are feared dead after the wreckage of a light aircraft was found on a beach today.


Newsweek: ‘Joe Biden’s Biggest Gaffes’


‘You’re full of s***’: Joe Biden’s fiery confrontation with auto worker – Yahoo News

‘You’re full of s***’: Joe Biden’s fiery confrontation with auto worker – Yahoo News


Doctor’s stark coronavirus warning about ‘big mistake’ everyone keeps making – Yahoo News

Doctor’s stark coronavirus warning about ‘big mistake’ everyone keeps making – Yahoo News


Coronavirus stimulus package: First cash recipients revealed | Cairns Post

Certain Australians will get 500 cash payments as part of the Morrison Governments coronavirus stimulus package, reports suggest.
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Australians on Newstart or pension payments, as well as small businesses will reportedly get $500 cash payments as part of Scott Morrison’s coronavirus stimulus package. 

According to Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell the payments are part of the government’s rescue package, which could now be worth as much as $20 billion.

“The size of it illustrates just how much the government fears a recession because of this coronavirus,” Clennell said.

While the $500 payments would be less than the Rudd Government’s $900 handouts, Clennell said they would still cost the government billions.

The Morrison Government is putting the final touches on its plan, which will be released on Thursday, and was originally expected to be worth up to $10 billion.

On Wednesday it announced a $2.4 billion package to deal with the health impacts of the coronavirus outbreak including funding about 100 fever clinics, and creating a new Medicare item for telehealth services so people can be treated at home.

Clennell said senior government sources also told him billions of dollars would also be spent on tax incentives for small and medium-sized businesses.

“The emphasis will be on jobs and keeping jobs going,” he said.

Clennell previously reported that the health and aged care sectors were also expected to be big winners.

“The package will include hundreds of millions for health and aged care, I can reveal. Nursing homes are helped out in terms of dealing with the crisis; GPs are helped in terms of them dealing with the crisis, in terms of screening and in terms of care in the community,” Mr Clennell said on Tuesday.

“We have already seen a commitment for a billion dollars for health and now we see this extra of hundreds of millions for the aged and care and health sector.”

He claimed the government’s plan will also see export costs temporarily axed and that small businesses will receive cash payments.


Bronhilda, you have said something truly weird about the novel Coronavirus. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇦🇺


Interviewer: Bronhilda Big Job, thank you for your time.
BBJ: Oh, you’re welcome.
Interviewer: Bronhilda, you have said something truly weird about the novel Coronavirus.
Interviewer: Well, with Donny Boy talking as he was, I asked my chauffer to hold my glass of Chateau Montegny 1927, so that I could say something stronger.
Interviewer: And what was that?
BBJ: Well, I couldn’t have Donny Boy say something, could I?
Interviewer: But, what did you say?
BBJ: I said that it was an excuse to send the economy into recession.
Interviewer: But the economy was in troubled waters before Coronavirus.
BBJ: Oh, no, it wasn’t. You see, Little Joshie has been saying that we were heading for a surplus. But they couldn’t have that.
Interviewer: And the bushfires? They impacted on the economy.
BBJ: That’s probably why Scotty had to go to Hawaii. But don’t ask me.
Interviewer: Did you know that there has been a great deal of confinement in the area?
BBJ: Has there? Has there, really?
Interviewer: Yes.
BBJ: Well, my political love son could not be sought for a fart, so they had to make do with me. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get back to my Chateau Montegny.
Interviewer: Bronhilda, thank you for your time.
BBJ: I’ll have that bottle now, And some Taylor’s Port, when it’s finished.

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Sponsor an Australian Child in Need

1.1 million Australian children are growing up in poverty, to help change their lives we need your help. Sponsor a disadvantaged Australian child today.
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“If I don’t say anything in class, no one will laugh at me.” – Zack*

Eight year old Zack is dreading being back at school.

He knows he’s different to the other kids. He’s embarrassed by his tattered uniform and his shoes are falling apart, but they are all he has. He’s always being left out and he feels like he’ll never be able to fit in.

At home, Zack lives alone with his mum, who is really sick. She can’t work and there’s no other family member around to support them. 

Because money is so tight, they can barely afford the absolute basics – let alone schools essentials for Zack.

Zack is always worried about his mum and what will happen to them both if she gets any sicker. With no-one to turn to, he feels isolated and alone.


Toilet Paper 🧻 Cairns AUSTRALIA 😀😀🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺


Toilet PAPER 🧻 Australian 😂🤷‍♀️

A mum of 16 has hit back after being shamed for buying a large amount of toilet paper, calling on people to show more kindness to each other as panic buying continues.

Shoppers have hit supermarkets this month to stock up on essential items amid fears a coronavirus outbreak could see supplies affected, with toilet paper the most in demand.

Jeni Bonell, a Toowoomba mum-of-16, shared on Facebook how she had been slammed by another shopper for buying up big on toilet paper.

But Ms Bonell, who regularly documents her family life on YouTube and


Obscene 😮Scandinavian experts are urging the use of child-like sex dolls in a bid to stop pedophiles from abusing real life children.

Scandinavian experts are urging the use of child-like sex dolls in a bid to stop pedophiles from abusing real life children.

The Sexpo Foundation in Finland wants the disgusting dummies to be made available to pedophiles following a reported boom in imports in neighboring Norway.

Norwegian cops revealed they are increasingly seizing creepy child-like sex dolls, mostly made in Hong Kong.

More than 20 have been impounded by customs officials in the past six months.

Child sex dolls are banned in Norway.

Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service says those who have ordered the dolls are men aged between 18 and 60. Some of the men have been convicted of sexual offenses against children in the past.

Police fear the purchasers “may pose a risk of committing abuses against children in the future.”

But in an open letter to the Norwegian authorities, the Sexpo Foundation argues that the dolls should be made available.

‘The risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires.’ – The Sexpo Foundation

The letter by Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen says: “Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires.”

“Sex dolls are one such channel.”

“A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency.”

“Therefore, it is important that the customs authorities or others concerned about the sex dolls actors do not hamper their availability.”

In January, The Sun revealed how almost two dozen people have now been arrested on suspicion of owning the “obscene” child sex dolls, with one man under investigation for allegedly importing the sick robots on a “commercial” basis.

The sex robots are also being sold on the dark web, where websites are claiming to offer dolls modeled on “real human children” aged as young as five.