It Is Time To Free Julian Assange

Know all men by their deeds. Too many times, people in authority will twist a set of facts to suit their political goal. People, good people, at times will be cast as villains. Julian Assange, was subjected to vilification and thus made a man without a nation. WikiLeaks, scorned worse than the Devil’s post. During the 2016 US Presidential Election cycle, a series of communications made public, that otherwise would have concealed many crimes. It took courage. Julian Assange, faced what otherwise could have been a defacto death warrant and prevailed. He earned his freedom. President-elect Trump, should issue a pardon, without prejudice, to Julian Assange, once inaugurated. The writing on the wall, indicates that might become reality as the government of Sweden is meeting with Julian Assange [1]. A White House Petition, was blocked, with only six signatures, asking for Assange to be pardoned as a whistleblower [2], and that is unthinkable to block, because it indicates a political spitefulness. I question the whistleblower laws, or selectively singling out only one person, because in America, the mouths of leaders say one thing and do another, such as heavily punishing whistleblowers. It has gone back to the 1980s and possibly the mid-1970s on federal, state, and local levels. If one is pardoned, then all should be pardoned, and what of, restitution for damaged careers and damaged lives? This is brought up, as Obama is going to grant a pardon to Hillary Clinton, for a multitude of criminal activity [3]. I believe pardoning a career criminal is wrong. Obama is trying to protect the one person who can finger him as the mastermind of crimes in America and overseas that resulted in death and destruction.