China making preparations to counter US nuclear attack

China News

Missiles being test-fired at an undisclosed location. Missiles being test-fired at an undisclosed location.

China showcased its strategic nuclear submarines when there were prospects of a war with Japan that may involve the US. It was afraid that the US might retaliate with nuclear weapons if China sank a US aircraft carrier.

By showcasing the submarines, China told the US that it has second-strike capabilities with strategic nuclear submarines in addition to its mobile ICBMs hidden in its 5,000 km long tunnels.

Now, the US is planning to upgrade its missile defence that may intercept China’s second-strike ICBMs and there are prospects of US military intervention with China’s maritime territorial disputes with other claimants.

Therefore, China is now busy upgrading its ICBMs to enable each of them to have more than one warhead, each of which can target independently.

The New York Times published a report titled “China Making Some Missiles More Powerful” on that. The…

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